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Indulge in Our Sweet Selection

At Mulberries Cake Shop, our passion for creating delightful treats extends far beyond cakes. Explore our wide range of sweets and treats, each crafted with love and care to bring joy to your taste buds! Perfect for any occasion or just because, our selection of confections is designed to add a touch of sweetness to your everyday moments! Discover the magic in every bite and let us make your day a little sweeter!

Cinnamon Rolls

Our cinnamon rolls are a warm and gooey delight, swirled with cinnamon sugar and topped with a luscious cream cheese frosting. Perfect for breakfast or a sweet treat any time of day!

Cinnamon Twists

These light and flaky twists are infused with cinnamon and sugar, drizzled with cream cheese icing, offering a delightful crunch with every bite! A perfect pairing with your morning coffee or afternoon tea!


Sticky Buns

Indulge in our sticky buns, packed with cinnamon and brown sugar, and topped with a rich caramel glaze and crunchy pecans. They’re irresistibly sticky and delicious!

Cherry Sticks

Our cherry sticks are a unique treat, featuring a sweet cherry filling wrapped in a flaky pastry and dusted with powdered sugar or drizzled with a cream cheese icing. They’re perfect for a quick snack or a delightful dessert!



Delicate and colorful, our macarons are available in a variety of flavors! Each macaron is a perfect balance of crisp exterior and chewy interior!

Courtesy of Bella Macaron!

Cake Pops

Our cake pops are a fun and whimsical treat, combining moist cake with rich frosting, all dipped in a smooth chocolate coating. Perfect for parties or as a sweet snack on the go!



Decadently rich and fudgy, our brownies are a chocolate lover’s dream. Choose your favorite topping to make them extra special: German chocolate topping for a nutty, coconut delight; raspberry topping for a sweet and tangy twist; a dusting of powdered sugar for a classic finish; or a fudge drizzle for an extra layer of chocolatey indulgence!

Fun Pop

This sweet and crunchy treat features fluffy popcorn coated in creamy white chocolate and colorful sprinkles. It’s perfect for parties, movie nights, or anytime snacking!


Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Our individual sized pineapple upside down cake is a tropical delight, featuring caramelized pineapple and cherries atop a moist, buttery cake. Each bite is a burst of fruity, caramel goodness!

Mini Cupcakes

Our mini cupcakes are bite-sized versions of our popular cupcakes, perfect for sampling a variety of flavors or serving at parties. Each one is topped with a swirl of our signature icings!


Mini Cookies

These tiny treats pack a big punch of flavor. Our mini cookies are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth or sharing with friends! Enjoy them in a variety of flavors!

Dessert Bar

Our dessert bar is an assortment of our finest sweets and treats, perfect for events and gatherings! It includes a delightful variety of macarons, mini cookies, bite-sized brownies, and mini cupcakes. Each treat is crafted with love and care, ensuring your guests have a sweet experience with every bite! With such a diverse selection, there’s something to satisfy every palate, making your celebration truly special!

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